What is a Hack-a-thon?

Hack-a-thons are turbocharged opportunities which bring creative thinkers together encouraging kids to think differently while fostering their problem solving and risk taking abilities in a casual environment. A valuable part of innovation, hackathons generally last two days, packed with fun activities and have become an integral part of the corporate culture.

Hackathons for Kids!

We believe kids perform their best when they are placed with kids who share the same energy and curiosity. To make it simpler, Hackathons create a space and a learning process for kids to understand how other like-minded kids think. The speed and intensity of hackathons makes them very useful — they’re the shortest route that an innovation program can take to achieve actionable results.
We, at Secure Space, decided to use hackathons to create a two-fold effect. The idea is to not only give the kids a break from the course, but also to give them a feel of how to make a difference in the world using what they have learnt, in the most fun and gamified way.

How do we make it a fun event?

We have created a structured and detailed process to ensure the learning process is fun and educative.

Code Art

A creative way to visualize the computer concepts, be creative and think harder about concepts while breaking it down using art.

Panel For Coders

A panel with fun quizzes and challenges for the young programmers to solve with their group.

Hack The Code

Help bring out the best in kids by presenting them with an incomplete or jumbled piece of the solution of a problem in programming concepts

The Field Trip

We bring the kids to a farm or a village or a local market, for them to conduct surveys and learn from the real life problems and create solutions that make an impact.

The Nature Inspired me

A small part of the event where we discuss the concept of biomimicry and how inventors have created solutions inspired from nature that have revolutionized the way we live.

Problem Hunters

The kids are presented with the problems of the real world with an explanation. It’s not an adult problem anymore but something the kids can solve.

Prototype Time

The kids are given an IOT starter kit which helps them be innovative and build over projects taught during the course or create something new.

Speak Your Mind

We encourage young coders to take time and share their take on computer programming. This helps the young wizards understand how others think and form a community to exchange ideas.

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