What Do we do?

At Secure Space, we help kids understand the essence of innovation and what takes to get started and help them bring ideas to life We help kids bring out the inner artists, understand and learn the concept over the content and paint the world with their innovative solutions

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What does innovation mean to us ?

Innovation is creating a solution to a globally existing problem. When you put the right tools together with the innovative ideas, that is innovative technology. Innovation Technology is a combination of

The new post digital era will be the epicenter of innovative technology. Understanding the evolving technology and learning how to code and growing with the evolution is important to usher in the new world.

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  • New Ways

    Paving new roads to innovation

  • New Methods

    Learning new concepts

  • New Processes

    Creating new systems

What Does It Take To Innovate

Research suggests innovation is a combination of a few basic skills anyone can master when learnt in the right way.

Critical Thinking

problem solving

enhanced creativity

computational thinking

understanding methodology


Who Can Become Inventors?

Everyone in this digital industrial revolution era is a part of the metamorphosys. Innovation, technology is not limited to one creator and every part of our existence in some way depends upon technology.

Understanding how it works and most importantly applying it to different fields of their choice is key.

Technology inventors can be (Represent: an inward flow of professionals mapped to technology)

Our story of creating inventors (video)

How Do We Do It: Teach Kids to code?

Using a set of interactive and engaging activities, we have designed structured teaching models specifically to make the learning process easier and highly informative .

Dedicated Teaching Processes

A coherent set of materials to choose from that enhance the classes and learning experience.

Adaptive Content

Content that is conceived, planned and developed around the kids: their understanding levels, their mood and their goals.

Interactive Curriculum

Encouraging student engagement and active participation while making the courses fun and interactive.


Provide Exercise-based learning with application based problems help understand the concept better.


Taking robust, scientific tests and introducing elements of gaming to create a more engaging and contemporary evaluation of skills.

Hackathons & Boot Camps

Creating opportunities for intensive group work in set time periods to improve logical and creative thinking and problem solving skills.

Our Presence

We were able to spread the wildfire across 30 districts with successful events for students in classes ranging from 6 standard to the 9 standard.

  • 30 districts in 18 months

  • 45 Schools

  • Over 10,000 students split between 5000 plus girls and 4500 plus boys

  • Not limited to Urban areas

  • Spread across Private schools and Government schools